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Vervette - online painter development

I'm currently developing a little javascript-based in-browser online painter. It is surprisingly powerful already and I can't stop doodling. Though it currently only uses the 8bit graphics browsers natively support, and no pen pressure, it doesn't feel half bad. Smudging is a bit crude, but I've developed a dry brush like blending solution that feels wonderful and leads to very elegant gradients.
I'm aiming at making it a commercial project, because donations are only demoralizing, but I wish to fully dedicate myself to this development. It is absolutely worth it! Once a member area is made, I will try to create collaboration environments, galleries (of course) and possibly even some art games such as Cadavre Exquis and the likes. But most exciting to me will be exploring GL shaders within the browser. Cross platform matters should be fairly manageable, though Mac is a bit odd regarding 8bit alpha blending situations. Strange stuff.

Anyway, I felt like sharing some of the fun I'm already having with it and hope you may enjoy the prospect of doing some carefree online doodling soon, too. Not sure, yet, what restrictions I will put on the free version, but it will be fun to use for sure! :)